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Vendor Managed Inventory Programs (VMI)

Patton is continuously striving to reach new levels of offering outstanding value added services to our customers. Our Vendor Managed Inventory Program is designed to reduce costs and provide continuous improvements in procuring, controlling, handling and the storing of fasteners and other assembly products.

Our VMI programs will effectively help you meet your goals, customize service and stock, organize and consolidate management of your fastener products, improve your sales levels, support you with engineering assistance and prints, utilize highly trained and dedicated sales staff, improve your product quality and provide the lowest costs.

Our highly trained team will expedite and coordinate the startup and implementation of a new VMI program. Implementing Patton's VMI program you will receive:

  • Situation Assessment
  • Maintain Your Current On-Hand Quantities
  • Determine Label Requirements
  • Assemble Bins
  • Reduce Shortages
  • Reduce Expediting and Tracking of Parts
  • One Purchase Order Per Year
  • Vast Consolidation of Vendor Base
  • Elimination of Part Numbers
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Program Analysis
  • Custom Bar Coding
  • JIT Kitting
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